• David Flowers

25 Random Things About Me

Okay, I’m cheating on this post, as it comes off my Facebook account. But hey, I still wrote it. I imagine some of these items will become topics for future posts.

1. I am absolutely terrible at small talk. 2. I think I’m already out of ideas. 3. If I had nothing else to do, I could surf the Internet all week long. 4. I think my wife is one of the most people-skilled people I have ever met. 5. If it weren’t for my huge student loan debt, I would be in school working on a Ph.D or something fun like that. I don’t ever want to stop learning. 6. I feel like at 40, I’m just beginning to learn who I am and what I really care about and want to do with my life. 7. I’m getting happier and more peaceful as I get older. 8. I don’t like being a homeowner. When my girls are gone, it’s a condo for us all the way. 9. I don’t know how to think about my life, or the world, or anything in the world, apart from God. 10. The pursuit of God has been the most fulfilling and the most frustrating thing in my life. 11. I’m split almost equally between being a strong thinker and a strong feeler. 12. I’m also split almost equally between needing to be organized and systematic and needing to be informal and spur of the moment. 13. Those splits cause me a lot of trouble in a lot of areas of my life. 14. I think my three daughters are gifts from God. We’ve tried to be good parents, but I look and them and think, “Dude, you’re not THAT good.” 15. People who know me well think I’m very funny. 16. Not many people know me well. 17. The older I get, the more I value my friends from high school. There are no friends like old friends and no friend I meet tomorrow will ever be able to play that role in my life. If you’re reading this and you knew me in high school or college, here’s to you. You mean more to me than I can say. 18. Best thing about women – they are great conversationalists. Best thing about men – they never say, “Are you mad at me,” or “Did you see the way he looked at me” 19. The idea of being content in life is foreign to me. To me it’s always about moving forward, finding out what’s next. 20. If I were the kind of person who could be content in life, I would already have all I need to be content. I have the best wife and children in the world and have been blessed beyond measure. 21. I love reading, but I almost never read fiction. Fiction does not work for me because for some reason pictures don’t come together in my head very well. I can’t see what’s being described. 22. The greatest source of pain in my life is all the people I work with who make choices that mess up their lives and leave them in ruins. I see it all the time. 23. One of my greatest sources of happiness is when I teach something that is somehow helpful to someone or when I see someone turn their life around. 24. The older I get the less I know, but the more sure I am of the few things I think I know. 25. I know more useless trivia about music, movies, and pop culture than anyone I have ever met – except Jenny McLaughlin.

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