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4 Reasons You Should Sign Up for my Email List Today

If you’re interested in my writing, you need to sign up for my email list. You may have heard this before and thought, “Why get more stuff in my Inbox? I’ll just go to the site once in a while.” Here are four good reasons you should sign up for my email list right now.

1. You won’t need to think about going to the site. My posts come to you. You can always hit the delete key if a post comes that you don’t care to read, but this way you lay your eyes on the headline of every post. Which means…

2. You won’t miss something valuable. If you’ve read much of my work, you know I write — almost exclusively — about stuff that matters. Big time. I write about self-improvement, the search for God, improving relationships, and other big topics. I write provocative things, things that make people think, things that if you take them seriously, it’ll change your life big time. Check around the web — my voice is pretty unique. You won’t get these views most other places. When my posts come to your Inbox, you’ll get to quickly and easily see what every post is about and decide whether or not it’s for you. The ones you miss when you’re not signed up could have been the ones that could have changed your attitude, your relationships, or maybe even your life.

3. You can be part of something important from the beginning. Just like there’s something special about loving a band before everyone else loves them, or knowing about a great new restaurant before it becomes really busy, it will be awesome to be part of this while it’s still relatively small. Trust me, it won’t always be that way. As the blog becomes bigger and more successful, and helps more and more people, you can say you helped get it off the ground!

4.  I will always deliver “favors” to my subscribers, in return for your willingness to sign up. Right now you get an e-book anthology of some of my best spiritual posts called The Spiritual Journey when you subscribe. In the past, subscribers have gotten a sneak peak of one of the chapters from my upcoming book The Search for Truth: Why You Are Often Dishonest With Yourself, and How to Live Truthfully. As I continue to create useful resources, you will get freebies, special pricing, and other expressions of my thanks and gratitude, into infinity!

So what are you waiting for? It’s super quick and easy, and you can begin enjoying the benefits above immediately. I can’t wait to have you on board. The subscription form is immediately below. And oh, definitely share this with as many people as you can!

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