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A Nagging Question


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I know I just tweeted out that more posts would soon be coming on marriage, counseling, and spirituality, and that is true. But I have to write what’s on my heart and mind, and at this moment, nothing is more on my mind than a question that is bugging the hell out of me. Perhaps you can help me answer this question. Before you do, I want to encourage you to do two things. First, watch the movie Inside Job. Here’s the trailer:

Our government has, of course, been telling us the financial disaster is too complicated to understand. This is 100%, complete crap. Watch this video and you will understand what happened, and you will, some of you for the first time, realize what sheep we have been.

Second, watch this video clip from The Young Turks network. It looks at how a financial collapse happened in Iceland that was much more serious than ours, relatively speaking, and how instead of bailing out the banks, they threw their political and financial leaders in jail.

After doing those two things, consider this question that has been nagging me since yesterday.

Who should have gone to jail in our financial crisis?

Which leads to another question. Why haven’t we demanded accountability? As far as I know, not one person has been indicted for what happened in 2008, and by all indicators I have seen, we’re heading towards another meltdown that may be far worse because nothing was done to hold our government and banks accountable. We are indentured servants, you and me. Let that sink in, and remember it when you go to the polls in November. Know that whoever you vote for, the goal of both candidates will be to keep you in servitude.

Question: Who, if anyone, should have gone to jail in our financial crisis? Why or why not?

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