• David Flowers

Announcement: TheFallenCleric.com is no more!

Beginning now, this website can ONLY be accessed at DavidKFlowers.com. I wanted to keep TheFallenCleric operational until it expired in November, but it was causing issues with Google Analytics and it’s essential that I get accurate stats. This should affect very few people, as I think most were accessing the site at DavidKFlowers.com anyway. I want to thank Tyler at HostGator who worked on the site for me for 90 minutes while I waited, and told him what I needed done. It was the best tech experience I have ever had, and many of you know how bad they can be.

There may still be the occasional hiccup, but I think nearly everything is running smoothly. Please inform me of broken links or other things that aren’t working, as I need to get everything fixed asap. Thanks for your patience.

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