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Attention People of Influence!


If you have a group of people who trust you, look to you, depend on you, or otherwise allow you to influence them, then you are an influencer — a person of influence. It doesn’t matter whether you consider yourself a “leader” or not. If you are a person of influence on any scale at all, I am asking for your help.

What I’m doing

In the past three weeks, I have grown my following on Twitter from 137 to 832 (thanks to those I’ve followed who have followed back!). The number of people who subscribe to my blog has more than doubled. In the past two months the blog has gone from around 100 page views per day to  over 300 page views per day. I could go on and on with the metrics, but I think you get the point. I am working on growing my blog and my audience, and I am seeing success in expanding my influence. That is where you come in.

What I’m asking you to do

If you are an influencer (and everyone with a Facebook, Twitter, or other social media account is an influencer at least in some way), I am asking if you might consider using your influence to help spread the word. I obviously don’t want you to violate any boundaries at work or do anything unethical, but I want to see if you will use your influence in an ethical and honest way to help me grow my audience. Let me give you some practical ways you could do this, if you are willing to help:

1. Post a link to one of my posts that really affected you on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, or Google+. 2. Better yet, post a link to my blog itself (http://DavidKFlowers.com) with a few words about me and your recommendation of the blog. 3. Send out my contact information and suggest people hook up with me in any way they can. Here is that information for you. 4. Tell people at work or in your social circle about the blog. If it has helped you in some specific way, share your story. Stories are powerful.

Specific info to share with others

Here are the various ways to contact me that I hope you will share with others.

Facebook: http://facebook.com/davidkflowers5 Twitter: http://twitter.com/davidkflowers5 Google+: http://gplus.to/davidkflowers5 Blog: http://DavidKFlowers.com

Remember, this is about helping me help as many other people as I can. I know I have ideas and insights that can help people, but I can’t help people I can’t reach.

What you get in return

Right now, a lot of gratitude from me, and the reward of partnering with me to change lives. If someone you refer to this blog comes here and finds help, hope, or healing, you’ll feel awesome! So will the person you referred, and so will I.

No pressure at all

Finally, I can’t track you. There’s no direct way for me to know who was sent here by whom, unless someone tells me. This means there is zero pressure on you. I only want you to help if you believe I have something valuable to say and are pleased to use whatever influence you have to help me spread the word. This blog post is primarily for people who have read the blog for a while and/or know me personally, but if you are new to the site and/or my tweets on Twitter, and feel you want to help out, of course that would be really amazing.

Thank you

Thanks for reading. I love your comments and questions on my blog, the follows, retweets,and mentions on Twitter, and every other way I hear from you. You are a blessing to me. I hope in some way I write things now and then that are a blessing to you as well. If you have ideas on posts you hope I might write, drop me a note.

Question: “How can I invest five minutes into getting the word out about this blog so I can help change the lives of others?” 

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