• David Flowers

Big day yesterday

I had 147 unique visitors on my site yesterday. That’s just about half what I need every day in order to reach my goal of 10,000 unique visitors per month. But it’s not primarily about me, it’s about you, since you are the one who makes this work. So how can I serve you? What questions do you have? Drop me a note on my Contact form, or comment at the bottom of this post. I believe I have messages of hope and healing for people, along with questions that people really need to be asking, even — perhaps especially — when some questions are a little uncomfortable. I think that process is immensely valuable.

Clients pay me $60/session to talk to me about some of the things I deal with on this blog. While I love that work and it’s a good living, I’m doing all I can to give away as much of that information for free as I can on this site! What questions do you have about marriage? How can I help you or one of your friends who is suffering? What questions do you have about God or the church that I can tackle for you? Counseling students, what are you struggling with as you learn to do this work?

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