• David Flowers

Blogging the Alphabet

Starting tomorrow my daughter Kyra (Keer’ uh) and I are beginning a joint venture in blogging.  We will begin a blogging journey through the alphabet, each day blogging on a successive letter, A to Z. Here are the rules we have established:

1. I called the word “Xenophobia” for X while we were still making up the rules. Kyra will have to blog about xylophones or Xerox machines that day.

2. Other than the above, we will not share with one another what we will be posting about each day.

3. Each day we will each link to the other person’s post on that day’s letter.

4. We will do this 26 days in a row. Some of these posts will be wonderful. Some will probably be H for Horrible.

5. Our readers are welcome to send us ideas on what to blog about, but of course we will each make our own decisions, and our topics will remain secret until we publish each day’s post. (Some of you might want to help Kyra on her X day.)

6. We will publish together each day. It might be morning, noon, or night, but one will not publish until the other one is ready.

7. The goal is to publish 26 days in a row, but we reserve the right to skip a day here and there by mutual agreement. I don’t want to see Kyra’s excellent grades tank because her dad insisted that she spend her homework time writing about Xerox machines.

8. Our goals are: a) to share something we love together; b) to challenge ourselves topically and creatively; c) to post every day for 26 days; and d) to hopefully increase our readership while giving our readers a little bit of fun.

We hope you will join us!

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