• David Flowers

Cleaning Up Blog

Before I retired from the ministry to do full-time counseling, I had posted nearly 600 posts on a blog I was working hard to grow. When I started my private practice, I felt it made sense to take the personal blog down, but didn’t want to lose the 600 posts I had written. So I imported them into this new blog here on my mental health website.

Sorting through them is going to take a long time and many of them, when they imported, did not format very well. Quite a few of those old posts contain beliefs I do not still hold today, or at least not in the same sense, but may nonetheless be useful to individuals in various ways.

I do to plan to eventually go through them, categorize them better, and perhaps put the more religious ones in a separate section, as I know not everyone will resonate with that. But for the time being they are all here and you are welcome to browse through them as you wish.

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