• David Flowers

Gays Bullying America: Our epidemic of anti-straight discrimination

Check out this audio clip of Michele Bachmann talking about how gays are bullying America:

Wow. How poignant. I didn’t realize how many gays have targeted their straight classmates in schools and picked on them mercilessly.

I guess I hadn’t heard about gangs of gays tying straight people to fences, beating them within an inch of their lives, and leaving them to die alone in the wilderness.

I never realized that we have a history in this country of gay people denying straight people access to their places of business.

I never understood that straight people have not been accepted as teachers, coaches, or into many other aspects of American public life, or that they have been denied employment, housing, and death benefits when their loved one dies. What an awful thing.

Somehow I have never heard of all the instances where straight people have been compared to people who commit bestiality, pedophilia, and even to animals of various kinds. What a terrible thing those gays have done to me and my kind.

What a vicious, terrible history of discrimination straight people have suffered at the hands of gay people and their malevolent agenda to live together peacefully. Shame on them.

I’m so glad Michele Bachmann has reminded me of how terribly I am discriminated against by gay people as a straight man. I needed that reminder, too, because otherwise I might continue to not notice any discrimination at all, and maybe even go on thinking me and my straight friends have never been discriminated against in even the slightest way by the gay community.

Whew. What a timely reminder. Now I once again have a group of people to fear, blame, and oppose, which are rights guaranteed to me in the Declaration of Independence.

You know, the “pursuit of happiness” part.

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