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I have been working for a long time on compiling a book of essays that I could give away as a gift to people who subscribe to receive posts in their Inbox. I have finished that book and am so excited for you to download and read it!  This 79-page e-book is compiled from various posts on this blog that, taken together, represent my best thoughts on Christian spirituality, even reflecting parts of my journey with which I no longer identify today.

My hope is that whether you identify as Christian, some other religion, or no religion at all, these essays can help you think through many of the things that matter most to how we live in the world. I hope this collection can be helpful, encouraging, challenging, and perhaps a bit provocative in all the right places. Thank you for reading my work.

Subscribe here. Please let me know if for some reason you do not receive the link to the book. If you are already subscribed to my blog updates, email me at dave at david k flowers dot com and I will send you the link!

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