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Hello readers. I am writing this evening to talk to you about getting the word out about this blog. Right now, if you go to Google and enter the phrase struggling with faith, one of my posts comes up eighth on the page. You can only understand how exciting this is when you look up at the top and realize it is eighth out of 16,900,000 web pages! It takes a lot of very detailed and not-worthy-of-explanation geek-work to make this happen. I mention it to you simply because you, my current readers, are my “base.” It will be through word of mouth that this blog continues to grow and reach more and more people. “Word of mouth” on the Internet, of course, is sharing links with others. Every time you click the Facebook LIKE link at the bottom of a post, every time you Tweet an article, every time you write a comment on one of my posts, you are helping the blog move higher in the rankings, and getting out to more and more people that it exists and can maybe help them with something they are struggling with.

So I am writing to simply ask you — when you read a post of mine, can you just quickly hit the Facebook like button, or leave a quick comment, or share a post with a friend who needs it? It’s all about spreading the word, my friends. I realize that people who aren’t pretty deep into blogging don’t usually know or care how rankings work, but that one second it takes to press the LIKE button makes a big difference. Thank you for reading and remember — I want to serve you in this limited but significant way that I can, and I know there are other people out there who I can serve too. It is through you that I will find them and reach them. It’s all about getting the word out.

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