• David Flowers

Getting To Work

If I dug ditches for a living, every day I’d show up to work. And whether I felt like it or not, I’d pick up a shovel and start digging. But because I think and write for a living, it’s not that simple. At this moment, even this post is a way for me to avoid getting down to the sometimes excruciating work of writing a sermon. It’s relentless. It’s sometimes mind-numbing. In emotionally difficult weeks like this one, it seems like more than I can even think about.

By the end of my high school public speaking class, we had worked our way up to giving a speech that was a whole ten minutes long. That assignment felt impossible to me. I remember thinking, “How on earth am I going to think of ten minutes worth of stuff to say on any topic? God, please kill me now.”

Last Sunday’s sermon timed in at about 45 minutes. That was longer than I like to preach, but still, every week I’m cranking out about 30-35 minutes worth of material. New insights and perspectives are called for every week. That demands more reading to feed the brain. It demands an uncluttered soul so one can concentrate. And that’s what makes it hard. Sometimes the hardest work in writing (which is the hardest part of sermon prep) is uncluttering the soul before one starts.

That is what I have attempted to do by posting two blog entries. Now if you’ll excuse me…

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