• David Flowers

God is in the schools

Facebook post: God is in the Schools The following is a post I put on Facebook that has been shared a great many times and I wanted to put it here for those who have not seen it there. I hope it encourages you.

To those who say America is in trouble because God has been taken out of the schools, don’t you believe it for a second. God has never been out of the schools, or out of anyplace else on the earth, for a single moment. Wherever there is a godly teacher or student, God is in the schools. Wherever healing is happening in people’s lives who attend or work at the schools, God is in the schools, whether those people call it that or not.

Wherever there is love and kindness, joy, humility, patience, or self-sacrifice, God is in the schools. Whenever true things are spoken and taught at school, God is in the schools. Whenever music is played at school, God is in the schools. Heck, wherever there is a CHILD at school, God is in the schools. No human being is nearly powerful enough to get God out of ANYWHERE. Of course God is in the schools!

Believers, where is your confidence?

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