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Guidelines for sharing my posts

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If you like sharing my posts on Facebook or another social network, or on your own blog, that is always fine. In fact, I love it! But remember, the idea of sharing my posts is not only that people will read the content, but so that people will come to my website. If the way you share my work only keeps people on your website, that is of no benefit to me. A huge part of my work is continuing to build my platform (“audience,” “reach,” etc.). Below are some guidelines for sharing my posts responsibly.

  1. Post links to my website and individual blog articles and pages as often as you want on any social network, any time. No permission needed — ever. You are even welcome to quote a piece of my post, along with the link you provide to my post. Please do not quote my work without links back to my website.

  2. Sharing my posts on your own blog, too, is fine, but please do not simply copy and paste my entire post into a post of your own. Post a paragraph or snippet, with a link back to my website where your readers can read the entire article. There is no charge for the work I post on my blog, so all I ask in return is that you always link back to my website.

  3. The images on my site have different rules. Any artwork you see that mentions Creative Commons may be shared, but you must cite the work as I do on my site, and provide a link to the CC license that I provide in the citation under the artwork. If the work is not linked to Creative Commons, then I obtained specific permission from the artist to use the image, and you will need to do the same. In the case of 123rf.com or istockphoto.com, those are subscription artwork services and I paid for those images and the right to use them. Please go to those sites and purchase the images — costs are very reasonable. If there is no citation, I either overlooked it (please let me know!), or I was unable to find to whom to attribute it. Those I use subscription services now for my blog artwork, for a long time I used Creative Commons Search and highly recommend it to beginning bloggers who aren’t prepared to invest much money into their blog yet.

With the above guidelines in mind, sharing my posts is a great idea! I need your help in disseminating my work as far and wide as possible. Thanks for reading.

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