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How can I help you?

get help here-how can I help you?

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Thanks to you

I now have nearly 400 posts on this blog and have been writing away on it for about six years.This blog has received over 69,000 page views in the last three years alone! I recently began using new e-list software making it easier to subscribe to get my posts in your email, and sending out emails to subscribers that are much clearer and more visually pleasing. As you may know, this past week I also started a new blog, where I will put all of my content that is not related to Counseling/Mental Health or Church/Spirituality. Thanks for everything you have done to help me get where I am today.

This helped you a lot

It is normal for bloggers to constantly tweak things like this. We write hoping people will read, and we are rabid stats-trackers. The one post that has brought the most traffic to this blog, ever, is called Things we lost (and found) in the fire, prt. 1, the first in a seven-part series about my daughter Anna’s suicide attempt in the summer of 2010. I can see why that would get traffic, how that series could help you.

How did this help you?

What I don’t understand is the enduring popularity of a post called 50 things I’m good at. This is the #1 Google search term that brings people to this website, other than “DavidKFlowers” and “thefallencleric” (some of you remember that!). I would love to know what people see in that post so I can crank out more content that meets that need, if possible. I’d love for you to leave your thoughts about that, or anything else, in the Comments section below.

How can I help you?

Having said that, how can I help you? I am a licensed counselor, how can I help you with your marriage, or with your boss, or with a friend? How can I help you as you grieve someone you have lost? (Leave reply in Comments, or email to me at dave(at)davidkflowers(dot)com if you want to protect your identity.)

I am a pastor, is there a spiritual or church-related issue I can address for you? (I deal mostly with “real-life” stuff, stuff about how we actually live, not normally with questions like “What do you think about angels” or “Is my dog Bo in heaven right now”). How can I help you understand spirituality better? How can I help you live with confidence that God is real? How can I help you know what to say to hurting people you’d like to help?

How can I help one of your friends who might be suffering right now?

Can you help me?

I am looking to get my first 100 blog subscribers (not readers, subscribers). Right now I have 86. I’m looking for at least 14 people who will sign up to get my posts in their Inbox. I don’t want you to do it just for me though, only if you are a reader of the blog and think you might like getting notified when a new post goes up and haven’t signed up yet. If that’s you, would you subscribe? That would be killer! As my thanks to you, when you sign up, you will get a link to download my e-book The Spiritual Journey, which  is a compilation of my best posts on spirituality, edited and put into a nice book format.

Summary — My questions for you:

  1. Why is 50 Things I’m Good At so popular? (leave in comments section below)

  2. How can I help you? (leave in comments section, or email me)

  3. Will you be one of the 14 people I need to get my first 100 subscribers? (subscribe at http://links.DavidKFlowers.com/e-subscribe)

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