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How to Get Off of Your Hamster-Wheel

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Meditation and the Hamster-Wheel

The only hope for humanity to get off the hamster-wheel of existence is for every person to take up the discipline of meditation.

It is the only pathway to move beyond human ego, constant want, and inability to see one’s self and one’s motives clearly. Without it, a person will always live half blind, no matter how well-intended their other spiritual pursuits may be.

Without it, there will always be only your side and my side. There will never be an end to the relentless back and forth we see modeled on a global scale between Israel and the Palestinians, and here at home between Republicans and Democrats, and more personally between spouses, partners, and friends.

Without it, there is no way to really fully forgive ego and intransigence in another person because without it you have not yet fully seen it in yourself. Through meditation, you come to see those qualities in yourself more and more clearly, and as this happens you learn to forgive it in yourself. As you see it more clearly in yourself, you see it more clearly in others, and find it easy to forgive it in them as well.

But every person must come individually to this conclusion.

It is deep and substantial work, and no one can or should force it on another. It must be taken up freely by every individual, as each person realizes they are their own worst enemy, and that the duplicity in themselves is perfectly reflected in the duplicity we see in politics and diplomacy at every level, and in all of our personal relationships.

That is the good news.

And that is the bad news.

It really is as simple as that.

But it is not easy at all.

Describing the Hamster-Wheel

Meditation is practice in the art of learning to let go. Letting go always feels like dying.

Not many people are rushing to sign up for that, including most Christians, though they follow a man who explicitly made clear that death is the door to real life (what I call the downward ascent).

So each person defends his or her kingdom/queendom. We find ways to justify what we do, rationalize it, explain it as being somehow necessary.

The things we do, of course, actually are necessary when the goal is to defend the ego at any cost. That is nearly everyone’s goal, and as long as that is the goal, all of the ruthless defensive techniques that are taken up in the world will continue to appear necessary.

Of course, as long as they appear necessary, necessity in itself will remain our greatest defense. After all, what responsible person would ever consider failing to do something that is “necessary?” From our snipping at the waitress, to Bin Laden’s bombing of the World Trade Center, everything every person does is understood by each actor as being “necessary,” and then of course judged by others in degrees of necessity.

Translation: The things I do are necessary. The things you do, well, many of them aren’t so necessary, especially the ones that get in the way of me getting, or doing, what I believe is necessary.

That is the hamster-wheel of human existence which you, most likely, are running on at this very moment.

The only solution to this problem is for each person to willingly submit to a discipline where they come to see, over time, the hamster-wheel for what it is.

Meditation is the only discipline that does this. It has been understood and practiced as such for thousands of years.

Not only this, but it is verifiable. Any person can take up this discipline and, in a matter of weeks, they will begin to see all I am saying for themselves. No one has to accept anyone’s word for it. For the problems people encounter in meditation are always problems of ego which the discipline of meditation aims to take care of to begin with.

In that way, meditation is self-verifying.

Getting off Your Hamster Wheel

Meditation is, so to speak, the way off of the hamster-wheel, or, to change metaphors, out of the matrix.

Until meditation is taken up and practiced by a person, the matrix, in a very real sense, has that person.

There is a way out that is simple and clear, but is not easy. Coming out of the matrix, getting off the hamster-wheel never can be. Think of the momentum you have on that wheel!

But it is the only way that we can ever learn to see clearly.

This is what Jesus was speaking of when he said “If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness.”

To illustrate, what if a person had a type of blindness which did not keep them from seeing but caused them to see everything incorrectly? How would you convince them? How great that kind of blindness would be!

Similarly, a person is never as lost as they are in the moment immediately before they realize they are lost. For the instant this occurs to them, they immediately begin seeking to be found.

Many religious traditions have come up with valuable and helpful spiritual practices. Only the discipline of meditation will show us just how deeply those other practices are needed to begin with.

The way off the hamster-wheel, out of the matrix, is available.


Why Meditate?

Essentials of Meditation (from Christian perspective, but will work for anyone)

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