• David Flowers

How to Learn Humility

From this Sunday’s sermon…

Trust me, the way to learn humility isn’t to cower in fear and refuse to be all you are gifted to be, criticizing those who are successful, thinking you could do so much better. It’s to get out there and take a few risks, use your gifts, and start letting life kick the crap out of you a little bit. As you sit cowering in your fear, you may feel humble but it’s false humility. It’s like the football player who never leaves the bench but criticizes the way everybody else is playing. As long as he never gets off the bench, he can feel superior to everybody else. Once he gets out on the field and starts taking his lumps, he’ll get things in proper perspective pretty quick.

So you learn humility by competing, by doing your best with what you have been given. As you’re taking your lumps, suffering your own rejection, and growing from it, you will come to respect many of the successful people you currently resent because you’ll see some of what they had to go through to get where they are.

Listen to the whole sermon from which this excerpt was taken

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