• David Flowers

I Lost You

A song I wrote ten years ago to a lost love – my health, who was out of my life before I had a chance to appreciate her. I have always wanted to post this piece, but it has never seemed right until now.

I LOST YOU I lost you,  before I knew your name I lost you, on a day just like the others You left the party before I knew you came

I lost you, without a right goodbye You left me not a note, a wish, a reason Just a dream, a chance, a fear that I might die

Empty hands that can’t be still without someone who will Hold onto them and keep them from covering my eyes Tell the truth but try to keep a little from me I’ll need the luxury of a few wistful lies

Memories, a time of innocence Photographs of a moment when I had you No one to bring you back, no one to convince

Whether at last I need the cane or energy remains, only time will tell, love. But your face fades every day and my memories of you lay strewn around the floor, love.

Hopes I’ll see you now and then, compliments of this syringe.

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