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Introducing my new bookstore!


Image courtesy of Shelby H, licensed under Creative Commons

I was thinking a while back, “If Amazon gave me a nickel every time someone bought a book from them after talking to me, I’d be a rich man.” Then I realized, “Hey, Amazon WILL give you money every time you refer someone to their website to buy a book!” That’s when I decided to join the Amazon Affiliate program and start my own bookstore. It is not primarily to make money (I’m guessing it won’t start making any real money until my daily blog readership has at least tripled, and at the rate things are going, that’ll be quite a while), but rather to have a place right here where people can look at and maybe buy some of the books I refer to frequently. Of course I must confess that as a book dork, it gives me little tingly feelings to have a bookstore on my website filled only with books that I have read and care about.

If you are a client, parishioner, counseling student, or fellow pastor (or former any of these), and you do not see a book in my store that I recommended to you, please let me know. I want my inventory to include all of the books I routinely recommend. You can access the Bookstore on the menu at the top right. Of course if you think there are highly influential books in my bookstore that are missing, let me know. I’ll put them on my list. If they make the “all time favorite” cut, I’ll get them into the store. In the meantime, nothing would make me happier than to imagine you sitting at home, perusing through my bookstore, and enjoying a nice cup of coffee.

Check out my new store!

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