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Introducing thefallencleric 3.0

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  1. Started with blogger.com. Left because it did not allow me to create a site that was as visually appealing as I want to.

  2. Switched to WordPress.com. Liked it, allowed a more professional look, but hated the long blog address and still did not have the ability to add absolutely anything I wanted to the site. To do this, I’d have to go self-hosted.

  3. I set up my own domain name so instead of finding me at http://thefallencleric.wordpress.com, people could begin finding me at http://davidkflowers.com.

  4. A few months later I moved off of WordPress.com’s servers onto my own server, installed WordPress for self-hosted blogs, and started experimenting with plugins and seeing what I could do to make my blog look as good and function as well as possible.

  5. Finally, today, I purchased Standard Theme 2.1 — one of the finest blog themes you can buy for WordPress. That accounts for the changes you can see. Standard Theme cost $99, and will make it possible for me to get my blog on more search engines, to edit the blog in less time, to sink much less time into maintaining the blog, and to get a much better and more visually appealing product with less effort than I had to make before.

On the way:

  1. I am working with a professional graphic designer and a professional photographer to get my blog header (the graphic at the top of your screen) up to the quality I want. I did the one that’s here and I’m not a graphics guy. That’s why the rose looks dead. 🙂

  2. Posts on leadership and developing yourself to your fullest potential. This will become a regular part of what I write about.

  3. Mostly, more — and more consistent — CONTENT! Content is what it’s all about. I am going to shoot for three-four posts per week.


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