• David Flowers

Letting God in

Last week a guy got upset about my sermon and said he’s never coming back to my church again because the message was too liberal (I made “liberal” fun of things both liberal and conservative in that message.) This morning I found out that a new couple had attended my church, and one of them thought the sermon was refreshing and brilliant, while the other one thought it was heresy. (Awkward car ride home.) Another couple was in church this morning who didn’t appear to appreciate what I was saying as I was preaching, and they left afterwards with a brisk goodbye.

I used to lose sleep over things like this. I would obsess about it for days, wondering what I had said that had upset people so much. I don’t do that anymore. To quote Rachel Held Evans,

I haven’t lost hope in the future of evangelicalism, but I’ve lost the desire to fight for my place in it.

[By the way, anyone who enjoys my blog will probably enjoy Rachel’s very much as well. I highly recommend it.]

So people can call me what they want — too conservative, too liberal, not political enough, too political, whatever. I don’t serve a political agenda. My job is to call people onto God’s agenda for the redemption of this world. I will continue to do this faithfully and let the chips fall where they may. I invite all people who are interested in learning how to experience God moment by moment to give us a try. Those who will sit there during the sermon looking through their Bibles to find verses to oppose what I am saying will surely find plenty. Those looking to apply terms like conservative and liberal will hear statements that they can reduce to sound bytes and argue over. And Jesus will continue to stand at the door and knock. All I care about anymore is learning how to let him in.

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