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Living Truthfully, chapter 1: Living Untruthfully

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Chapter 1 — Living Untruthfully

“A lot of people are living untruthfully, in darkness (synonymous spiritually with falsehood, lies, denial, self-deception, bondage, and unreality). In eighteen years as a pastor, fifteen years as a counselor, and five years as a college professor, I unfortunately get a front row seat to most of the ways people refuse to engage reality. Pastors, perhaps more than most, know what it feels like to have scars on our knees from hours spent praying a) for people who refuse to walk out into the light and therefore seem to actually care less about their lives than we do, and b) for people who sincerely want to live truthfully but have spent so long in darkness that even a hint of light is frankly excruciating for them. (People in both groups are suffering, but only people in the second group know it.) Either way, living untruthfully is ultimately a dead end. To live untruthfully is to constantly betray and neglect ourselves in big ways, for the sake of remaining comfortable in some smaller way.”

My search for a publisher for my book, Living Truthfully, has begun in earnest. It is hard to explain the reasons behind all the hold-ups. They are sometimes legitimate problems and issues with the manuscript or proposal that I have to resolve. Other times I get really busy and just don’t put in the time. Still other times I’m paralyzed temporarily by fear and have to talk myself into keeping moving. My proposal is now finished, which means I have summaries written for each chapter. I will be posting those chapter summaries (which are direct quotes from each chapter) over the next couple of weeks. That will give you a good idea what the book is about and whether you think you will be interested in reading it when it is finally available. If you read these posts, I sincerely ask you to consider leaving a comment for me. Your questions and comments will only help me deliver a better book, and I want to write the best book I can possibly write.

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