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Looking for “My People”


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The blog is doing well. Thanks to those of you who have supported my work, whether on the blog, on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or whatever. The blog was only for me for the first year or so, when it was more personal journal than anything else. Now it is for you. It is to help you with your marriage, your fears, your dreams, your spirituality, and whatever else I can help you with.

A few weeks ago someone new began following me on Twitter. When I thanked her for the follow, she said she had checked out my Twitter profile, and that “it feels good to find my people.” That has stuck with me since (thanks, Donna), and that is what I am looking for, every post, every tweet, every day — I am looking for my people. It seems my people may have some of the following characteristics:  

  1. People who grew up in the church and are really frustrated with it, but love it too much to abandon it entirely

  2. People without a church background but who are deeply spiritual and open to spirituality in the Christian tradition

  3. People who are in bad marriages and need encouragement and support

  4. People who have been alienated from the church or from God for whatever reason, and want to believe there might be a place for them

  5. People looking for support with other mental health issues

  6. People who aren’t religious at all but are open to good counseling and spiritual advice when they see it

  7. People who question the status quo in the church all the time and find themselves frequently feeling alone, and like others see them as flies in the ointment

  8. People who are sick of approaches to their faith that cut it off from the rest of their lives, and deeply desire their faith to reach into every area. They believe in science, perhaps read quite a bit, don’t easily buy into conspiracies, they ask a LOT of questions, and are skeptical about a lot of the answers the church has given in the past

  9. People who embrace doubt, who think “accepting Christ” means a LOT more than saying a prayer and trying hard to be good, but involves allowing truth into every area of our lives

Sunday was a first for me. More people unfollowed me on Twitter than followed me. I am pretty sure I lost quite a few followers because a lot of them didn’t like what I had to say about the recent Chick-fil-A thing. That’s okay. My people are people who want to read my ideas, who maybe share some of my perspectives (maybe not!), and, hopefully, want to engage with them and talk about them. To whatever extent we engage in this discussion, I am one of your people too.

So I’m looking for my people. I’m loving the process of finding them, and found two more of them today. Six weeks ago I had 127 followers on Twitter, 27 people were subscribed to my blog, and about 40 people were fans of my writing page on Facebook. At this moment I have 1,284 Twitter followers, 114 subscribers to my blog, and 275 people who are fans of my Facebook page. It’s not huge, and I’m nobody famous, that’s for sure, but I’m starting to find my people. The ironic discovery I have made is that the further I go on this journey, the less it is actually about me and the more it is about you. I have to keep it out there, because the search for my people continues, but thank you for reading, investing, and making it your own. Check out my blog roll to see just a small sampling of “my people.”

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