• David Flowers

Looking for One of My Readers

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Several months ago I received one of the kindest, most genuine, honest emails I have ever received. It was fairly lengthy (which I love) and I didn’t have time to respond at the moment so I simply fired off a note that the email was really meaningful to me and that I’d respond in more detail soon.

When I went to respond I couldn’t find the original email so I lost the reader’s email and their contact info. If you read this post and you are the person (a person who described herself as spiritually searching, african-american, and gay), I’m looking for you!

This was such a meaningful email to me and I feel terrible that I never was able to give it the attention it deserved. Whoever you are, if you’re the person I’m thinking of who reached out to me in such a beautiful, heartfelt way, would you please either respond to this post in the comment section or email me at dave at davidkflowers dot com?

I know this is a long shot but I want to do all I can. And, if you’re reading, I’m SO sorry. All these months later I can’t stop thinking about your email and would like so much to find you.

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