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My new blog

I have started a new blog. I’m sorry for any inconvenience it causes. I have to boil this blog down to just mental health/counseling and church/spirituality issues, or Google is never going to get me higher in its rankings. I’m too diverse right now. Accordingly, from now on all my posts that are not on the topics of mental health/counseling and church/spirituality will be at the new blog, which is at http://moreofdave.wordpress.com. That will include all posts about politics, technology, my MS updates and anything else related to MS, posts on pop culture (movies, music, etc.), etc. Occasionally I will post something on this blog under the category “Miscellany,” but it will relate in some way to my main topics.

Simplicity and free are the name of the game on the new blog. For now, you can find it at http://moreofdave.wordpress.com, and I will have something up soon to allow you to get email notifications. Again, if you wish to get future updates on the status of my MS recover, they will all be there from now on.

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