• David Flowers

Notes from Manresa, prt. 12 (conclusion)

So tell me I’m a liberal, or that I’m confused, or mistaken, but the instant you put a “yes, but” on the love of God,  you change it to something other than what it clearly is.  You claim, in fact, the opposite of what religions teach about God’s love, that you have found something they never considered.  I’ve lived with a laundry list of “yes, buts” – a million ways that I can be, am, or might be separated from God.  It’s garbage, and those who want to push their “yes buts” on us are trying to control, manage, limit, or otherwise ration God’s love.  Let people all over this planet drop their “yes buts” and claim their status as those who are undeniably, unchangeably, uncontrollably, and unconditionally LOVED.  And let it begin here, in my own heart, where it has already begun.  Let it begin again, every morning.

My name is David Flowers.  David means “beloved.”  I am deeply and dearly loved by God.  Because of this love I am accepted, secure, and significant.  No ifs, ands, or “yes buts.”

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