• David Flowers

On Writing, prt. 5: Progress

Update: No updates in a while because I have been off by myself writing my book. As it stands now, I have five chapters completed, 59 pages, 19,914 words. Feeling like I have found my voice, but not always able to keep it as clear as I’d like. Still, great progress on writing my sucky first draft. This weekend I’ll go to the Calvin Festival of Faith and Writing and hopefully get a chance to run some of my work by a few publishers, editors, or agents. I will get critical feedback that will help me come back home and spiff it up as much as possible.

There is even a small chance that somebody might like what they see enough to make me some kind of offer right there on the spot. Hoping and praying this books finds a publisher and an audience, because I have seen the power of these ideas to help people.


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