• David Flowers

Personal Growth Plan

I have always desired to be on a continual journey of growth in my life. But I’m sick of finding at the end of every year that my various ideas to lead toward growth haven’t led to very much. This happens because I get ideas, get excited about them, and then forget them. This time I’m writing it down. Here’s the plan for this year, September 2007-August 2008.

Abandon Annually Oct. 4-6 – Catalyst Conference in Atlanta, GA Nov. 16/17 – Good Sense training at Willow Creek Jan. 7-12; 14-19 — Take classes in Indianapolis Feb. – Anniversary getaway (2/22-24 or 2/29-3/2) March 28-30 – A Weekend To Remember marriage conference June/July – Family trip to DC Aug. 7-9 – Leadership Summit at Willow Creek

Measure Monthly Church consultation meetings with Ralph Funk, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. monthly Spend remainder of day at The Hills evaluating myself and the church each month

Withdraw Weekly Monday – Day off. Do at least one activity specifically for me. Weekly fast day Weekly refocusing and accountability with Brent at staff meeting

Divert daily Daily PSD (personal and spiritual disciplines) Physical fitness five days/week (cardio and basic strength training) Read one book every other week, which will require daily time set aside for reading

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