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Preaching Sunday

A word to readers of my blog who are not connected to the church I lead, Wildwind Church, and who do not know me personally. I have felt it necessary to use this blog a great deal lately to keep loved ones and interested readers all over the country informed about the status of my struggle with MS. I have tried to write some good posts from lessons I am learning and valleys I am walking through in the process. I will be using the blog this way indefinitely, and I hope all of my readers continue to find content that teaches, challenges, and inspires them.

From Wildwind Church Facebook page:

I will be preaching Sunday. I will have a message of some kind prepared for church and will be there to deliver it (assuming no huge ripples between now and then). Whether you attend Wildwind Church, have considered attending, or don’t attend, I look forward to seeing people I love there this week and for us to simply be together. I have counted on, and continue to count on, this community of encouragement. I will be there to encourage you, as I have tried to keep doing through my current ordeal, and I know your presence and love will be a deep encouragement to me as well. — dave

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