• David Flowers

Problems on the portal?

I have been using the new portal for a couple of months now. Some clients have reported struggling to get it working properly. My goal is to have every client using the portal for these reasons:

1. If I have to cancel appointments for a day due to an emergency or office closure, I can contact everyone on the portal with the click of a button. This is a huge time saver and makes sure no one gets left out.

2. The portal (especially if you download and use the Jituzu app on your mobile device) offers unparalleled convenience for you in scheduling and canceling appointments, contacting me if you need to, and paying on your account. There no easier way to do any of those things than through the Jituzu app.

3. When systems are used piece-meal, they don't work. If I have to text some clients, email others, call others on landlines, etc., it gets more and more likely that I'll choose the wrong means to contact someone and mistakes will end up being made.

If you have struggled to get your portal account working, I suggest you do two things:

a. Call 877-820-4153 and have Jituzu tech support help you.

They are incredibly fast and efficient and you'll be up and running in five minutes. Once they get you back into your account, be sure to log out and back in again before you hang up the phone so you know you're all set. (This number will always be available on my website, at https://www.davidflowerstherapy.com/jituzu-portal-help)

b. Download and use the Jituzu app for your mobile device. The web experience doesn't even compare.


Phone: (810) 354-5053


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