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Q is for Quest

I am currently blogging, along with my daughter, all the way through the alphabet. Check out how the idea started, and get the rules here.

If you had a write a story about your life, what would the plot of that story revolve around?  Try finishing this sentence: The story of my life is a quest for…

The story of my life is a quest for truth.  My grandmother prophesied (some might prefer the non-religiously-loaded word “predicted”) that I would be a minister on the day I was dedicated as a baby.  I cannot think of a time in my life when I was not searching for truth.  I can think of many times when my method of searching for it changed, and many times when part of my greatest problem was that I was uncertain it could ever be found or, if it could, that I would ever find it.  But not a single day of my life has passed since I was a very small child that I haven’t been thinking about truth and desiring to know it and live according to it.

Of course I have thought about truth in different ways as I have grown.  As a child, truth was about what was right and wrong as defined by my parents.  Not much later it was about right and wrong as defined by what I understood as God.  For about three years, the truth appeared to be that there was no God at all.  Then truth was that God was much bigger, much further beyond me, than I had ever imagined.  Today, truth is that God is much closer, much more intimately a part of my life and this world than I have ever understood.

My quest has been the grand narrative of my life.  It has never varied, never disappeared, never taken a vacation.  The further I go on my quest, the more I realize it is naive to ever think I’ve arrived at the end.  Only those just starting the journey think they might soon near the end.  Those who have traveled a while always know the road continues over every horizon.  What I believe passionately today will continue to change and evolve, just like I do not believe anything close to what I believed five, or ten, or twenty years ago.  I know beyond doubt that I will not be tomorrow who I am today.  If I am, I shall be disappointed. Yet even as I expect to continue growing and moving, I am learning to enjoy the present moment, for I will never pass this way again.  Nothing is more truthful than that.

What is your quest?  What are you all about?  If you disappeared tomorrow and someone had to write a paragraph or two about your life, what would they write?  What hills still need to be taken?  What critical tasks remain undone?  What needs to be shouted out loud in your unique voice in order for your corner of the world to really understand it?

Try finishing this sentence: The story of my life is a quest for…

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