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Stuff Christians Like – The Book

Jonathon Acuff, blogger at StuffChristiansLike.net, has released a book, and it is free this month at ChristianAudio.com.  This is great satire and will resonate deeply with those who have spent years immersed in Christian culture.  If you don’t come out of a church background, but are curious about these odd Christian folk, downloading and listening to this book will get you feeling like an insider in no time.  Acuff deals humorously and graciously with some of the topics I write more seriously about here at thefallencleric.com.  Here is the promo piece ChristianAudio.com is emailing out for it:

Hello David and happy April Fools Day! Over the last few months, we’ve provided best-selling authors like Bonhoeffer, Piper, Driscoll, Dostoevsky, Chan, and Acuff. Acuff? Yes, Jonathan Acuff. Deep theology meets deep sarcasm. Welcome to our free audiobook for April; 100% funnier than The Shack and 100% freer than Amazon! His popular blog has a large and devoted following for poking fun of things Christians like. Almost always funny and sometimes serious & thought provoking, these humorous insights into Christian culture should cause us to stop and think why we do the things we do. Acuff offers hilarious insights into the “metro-sexual worship leader” or the “proper order” for a prayer circle. However, the greatest contribution are Acuff’s keen insights into much of today’s modern church experience… Many thanks to Zondervan for partnering to offer this free audiobook download and a special “thank you” to the author, Jonathan Acuff. Enjoy April’s free audiobook download and feel free to checkout this and many other great Zondervan titles at christianaudio, and visit Jonathan Acuff’s blog at www.stuffchristianslike.net. Oh, and if you don’t like this month’s free audiobook download, we promise to refund every cent you spent! Blessings, christianaudio Listen Enjoy Think Grow
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