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The 15 best things about being a grown-up

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Recently a friend of mine posted on Facebook about missing that feeling we had when we were kids of flying every time we would run or jump.  I hadn’t thought about that for a long time, and I realized I miss that too.  But then it quickly occurred to me that I would never trade the pleasures of adulthood for the pleasures of childhood.  Here, to me, are the best things about being a grown-up.

1. Sex.  What else could possibly go in the number 1 spot?  After this one, all the rest are just icing on the cake, but I’ll list them for you anyway.

2. A great cup of coffee

3. Discovering you have the house to yourself

4. Watching your kids become who they are, and taking a little bit of the credit

5. Going to bed whenever you want to – every single night

6. Saturday morning breakfast and dinners out with the one you love

7. Going to work and using your talents to become all you were meant to be

8. Investing your life into the lives of others

9. Old friends.  Friendships get sweeter as the years go by.  Children don’t have old friends.  Or old anything.

10. Making your mark on the world

11. Being able to appreciate simple things, like bumping into an old friend at the grocery store, or some of the stuff on this list.

12. Not needing constant stimulation (radio, TV, texting, friends over, etc.) in order to get through the day

13. No homework.  We read what we want, when we want, even IF we want.

14. Building a house, making a home, having a family

15. Being able to appreciate what it felt like to be a child in ways you never did when you were a child

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