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The Purpose of this Blog

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Years ago I made a decision about my purpose on earth, and that has become the purpose of this blog. It is to guide and inspire those who willingly come seeking guidance from me, based on my life, experiences, and best understanding of both God and my fellow human beings. I don’t always live faithfully by that, but it’s my goal.

On this blog, I share my experiences and my worldview, mostly on topics involving personal growth (including both spirituality and psychology) developed from what I think is a quite special gift I have. That is the ability to remain open to ideas even when they bother me, and being genuinely willing to change my mind about something I deeply believe if the evidence is there. These qualities are rare, and are largely what create my unique platform, perspective, and voice.

This openness (which I have intentionally cultivated over many years) has allowed me to explore many things most people are too afraid to explore, and ask questions most people fear asking. This has helped to create in me, I am often told by others, a certain wisdom.

The final piece of my unique contribution to the blogosphere (also cultivated over many years), is non-anxious presence. In other words, as passionately as I believe what I believe, I do not need you to agree with me. I do not need your validation and do not expect you to need mine. I am not threatened by your journey and ideas, no matter how they may diverge from my own. I do not get offended or worked up when someone believes differently than I do. When I do find myself getting worked up, I realize that’s a character flaw in me, and I work on letting it go.

All of this means the number of people in this world I can help is inherently limited. My worldview will seem completely foreign to some, perhaps even scary or heretical to others. My life’s work is not to argue anyone into submission, or to prove anything, but simply to share my own perspective, limited as it is by my life experiences and education, and be of whatever help I can to those with whom it resonates.

Richard Rohr says, “Every viewpoint is a view from a point.” To anyone learning the lessons of life and willing to receive them, increasing age brings increasing wisdom, and this is perhaps one of the most important lessons wisdom brings. The older I get the more I understand how true is the adage that “If you have ask to ask the question, you wouldn’t possibly understand the answer.” This is why I try to avoid back-and-forth with readers who clearly seek little from me but argument, as if I have some absolute duty to defend my existence, experience, and opinions on demand, to anyone who insists on that defense, regardless of the amount of time it takes, how many times I have done it before, or how pointless the whole exercise is from the start.

So again, the purpose of this blog, and of my life, is to guide and inspire those who willingly come seeking guidance from me, based on my life, experiences, and best understanding of both God and my fellow human beings.

I hope you enjoy my blog and I invite you to be part of the conversation here. We’re all on this journey together and can all learn from each other, even when, and perhaps especially when, we disagree.

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