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To my wife on our 23rd anniversary

This past Sunday was my 23rd anniversary.  We’re trying to save money right now so we had agreed not to go away that day.  I preached as usual.  But I put together a little tribute to my wife and opened the sermon with it.  I publish it here for posterity, to publicly acknowledge what she means to me, and to thank her.  Nothing like the love of a good woman.  And my wife is a good woman.

First I want to say Happy Anniversary to my lovely wife Christy.  She believed in Wildwind Church, and dreamed of Wildwind Church, and saw me as the pastor of Wildwind Church, many, many years before I was able to believe in myself enough to step up and do it.  She motivates me when I’m stuck, inspires me when I feel lifeless, and stays close enough to me that I get to feed continually off of her energy and enthusiasm.  She has been instrumental in turning our three sweet little girls into brilliant, compassionate, and confident young women.  She has stuck by me through my problems with MS, worked me through college and grad school, and stood behind me through a huge change when I decided to stop being a record store clerk and became a pastor.  She put her own aspirations on hold to stay home with our children, and then still completed her bachelor’s degree and became a teacher after Anna went to school, and then got through graduate school too. As most of you know, she’s a gifted singer, but she also has wicked good decorating sense, is a great cook, is the manager and organizer behind our family, and is an amazing seamstress.  Best of all, she loves the kids and me, and loves God, and she is constantly growing in grace, in mercy, and in faith.
You all know her because she’s always up front, but I don’t often take the opportunity to publicly thank her for all that she is and all that she means to me.  Happy 23rd anniversary sweetie.  Thanks for being my girl since we were 17 and here’s to many, many more years.
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