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Truly transformational counseling, prt. 1

Most counseling, if done well by the therapist, and taken seriously and applied by the client (both very big ifs), can be transformational  on some level. But there is an approach that will dig WAY down, really help you uncover some amazing stuff about yourself, and help you get free to experience incredibly powerful change. Here are the first five of ten things you will probably work through in deeply transformational counseling.

1. You are already as loved as you’ll ever be. So in a certain sense, you’re already at your destination. You just don’t know it. So how you can you come to know it? It may take a couple years to answer that.

2. There’s nothing blasphemous about coming to love yourself the way God loves you. In fact, that would get you even closer to God. After all, having the heart of God means loving the way God loves right? How can you do this if you don’t include yourself?

3. Where is God in what you’re thinking, feeling, doing in the present moment?

4. How do you see the “fruits of the Spirit” growing up in you? If a person cannot see the fruits of love, peace, etc. steadily growing in their life, then something’s seriously wrong. I couldn’t care less how “correct” they may believe their theology to be. The greatest thing about the fruits is that you can get away from just “believing” and actually taste them, and they will taste great! This means you will experience these things in your life.

5. How might your view of God actually be part of the problem? In 15 years of pastoring and counseling, I have yet to meet a single person whose view of God was not at the root of their worst problems. As we grow up, our mental and emotional sicknesses (and those of our parents and authority figures) inevitably get mixed in to the theology we are learning, and we end up with sick views of God.

The next five are coming tomorrow, along with some parting thoughts.

If you have had truly transformational counseling, how did it affect your life?

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