• David Flowers

Using the waitlist feature on the web portal

If you are not yet using my new web portal, I recommend you sign up by going to DavidFlowersTherapy.com, and clicking the yellow Book Now button in the top right corner. Select NEW CLIENT, even if you've seen me many times before, because this means you need to set up a new portal account. [If you select Existing Client you will be prompted to enter your account username and password, which you won't have yet]

After you have a username and password, I strongly recommend you download the Jituzu calendaring and communication app for your mobile device, which will allow you to schedule appointments with me, pay invoices, and communicate securely. Compared to the app, using the web portal at Jituzu.com is a real clunker of an experience.

There is, however, one time when using the website can be valuable, and that's if you can't get in to see me as soon as you would like to. When this is the case, log onto Jituzu.com, click on the Appointments tab at left, click Schedule, and select the box that says, Add me to the wait list for an earlier appointment. If a cancellation happens at a time you may be available, you will receive a text asking if you want to take that appointment and you can respond yes or no.

Note: This works best if you have told me what your preferred days and times are. If you know you nearly always need evening appointments, for example, I can select just that time for you so you don't even get messages about morning and afternoon cancellations. If you need specific days, we can note that as well.

No word on when the waitlist feature will be coming to the mobile app, which would be awesome, but I encourage you for now to take advantage of this excellent feature on the web portal.


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