• David Flowers

Walking improving substantially

I would say I’m 60%, perhaps 70%, better now than I was the day I went into the hospital (and the number moves to about 85% if you are just rating my walking). Walking has improved pretty dramatically over the past 48 hours. I attribute this to some important work done in PT, combined with having spent an hour on the treadmill on each of the two days.

Today I got to 2.5 mph on the treadmill in PT and was able to do most of it without holding on to the rails. I was unable to walk heel to toe at PT, but tonight at home I was able to take several steps before losing balance. Best of all, I was able to balance on my left foot, the one most substantially weakened, for 30 seconds.

If you were a fly in the wall in my home, you would observe that I am not using my walker in the house anymore, and am much more self-sufficient. I make almost all of my own food, get my own medications, and am almost completely independent. I occasionally do a little bit of housework. I am using the cane exclusively at home, and to get out to my car. I use the walker only for longer distances, as I still tire very quickly. When that happens, I lose balance, coordination, and proprioception (the sense of  the relative position of parts of the body), which makes walking difficult.

I am really happy and encouraged with the rate at which I am healing and getting strength and function back. I occasionally have half a day that feels almost normal, or at least several hours in a row. Feeling is even beginning to return to my feet and legs, which I think accounts for a lot of the rapid improvement in my walking. The sensations in my feet and legs are still really uncomfortable,but I know they are signs that healing is under way, and I say bring it on.

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