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Warm Strangers

Warm Strangers

Several years ago I purchased an album by a piano player singer-songwriter named Vienna Teng. I’m just now listening to it seriously, and it is renewing my faith in music. There is still stunning beauty out there — music that can make me feel something — new things to do with melody and arrangements.

Warning: this is musical music. It won’t make your booty shake. It doesn’t have a “good” beat (by which people nearly always mean that it makes their booty shake). It’s not the musical equivalent of crack that you hear on the radio that grabs you by the throat, gives you a quick high, and is gone as quick as it came. Quite the opposite. It’s the kind of music you have to invest in, like a relationship. You have to give it room to become something to you. But if you give it that space, you probably won’t be disappointed.

If this has piqued your curiosity, check out her album Warm Strangers.

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