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What is it with Mac people?

MichaelHyatt I just tried to upgrade Microsoft Office. It crashed my Mac. I used to be a fan of Microsoft.

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Above is a recent Tweet from Michael Hyatt who runs one of my favorite blogs at http://michaelhyatt.com.  First of all, I’m no Microsoft fan-boy by any stretch of the imagination.  Last year I put Linux (first Kubuntu, then Ubuntu) on all my PC’s and would be running it now, except the software I use most often cannot be run on Linux.  Having said that, this Tweet struck me as odd, yet typical of a Mac user.  It seems with Mac users, crashes and other computer issues are always Microsoft’s fault!

In this case, we have Microsoft software and an Apple computer.  A problem arises.  Blame goes to: MICROSOFT!  Yet when I talk to Mac users and tell them about a computer problem I have had, they nearly always tell me I should get a Mac, as if it MUST be the hardware.  As if that problem would NEVER have happened on a Mac.

I’m perfectly open to the idea that perhaps in Hyatt’s case, the problem really was the software.  Hyatt writes a lot on productivity and seems to know his way around a computer, so perhaps he really knows this is the problem.  But the Tweet still embodies what I generally see in the Mac community, which is resistance to admitting that Apple hardware might be responsible for a problem.

Just once I’d love to come across a post on the Internet saying, “My Mac is broken – AGAIN!!”  You know it happens.  By the law of averages, it has to.  It makes you wonder if when you buy a Mac, you sign a legal agreement stating that you will never post anything negative about Apple.  Or say it to anyone in private with the shades drawn.  Or even think it.

The other interesting thing in Hyatt’s post is that he used to be a fan of Microsoft.  The only Microsoft fan you’ll find among most Mac users is a reformed one – the kind that used to be.

To end this post and put it in perspective, I love the cult-like atmosphere Apple engenders among its users.  If you have read Jim Collins’ Good to Great, you know this is something great companies do, creating feverish enthusiasm and devotion around everything they do.  This in itself is a big part of the Mac vibe.  Still, I can’t help but await eagerly a Tweet one day from a Mac user that says, “I just tried to upgrade to Microsoft Office.  It crashed my Mac.  I  used to be a fan of Apple.”

When hell freezes over.

Update from Hyatt:

MichaelHyatt I rebooted my computer and installed Microsoft Office 12.2.3. It worked “as advertised” this time. All is well.

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