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Who Are the Real Feminists?

I read an article this morning called Don’t Call Beyonce’s Sexual Empowerment Feminism. I’d recommend you read the article, but the gist of it is that Beyonce (and, by extension, all female artists who are using sex to sell records) is not a feminist, regardless of her claims to the contrary.

I agree with the article. And I don’t think this issue needs to be all that complex.

There is a clear way forward for women who wish to be sexy, intelligent, creative, and feminist. All we have to do is look at Pink.

Pink is sexy without being a sex object, she’s a fantastic singer, she writes powerful songs about life and female exploitation (without participating in it) — she’s the whole package. And she’s wildly famous to boot.

There are others, of course.

How about Kelly Clarkson? Sara Bareilles? The greatest  and arguably the most successful female singer of all time — Whitney Houston?

There are, and have been, plenty of successful, beautiful, incredibly talented women who have not sold out, not been willing to participate in their own objectification and that of their fans.

BTW, I never want to imply I’m against women having the right to use their bodies to sell their records. This is their choice, and it’s a continuum anyway. I remember when this album cover of Amy Grant was considered sexually exploitive by some:

Amy Grant – Unguarded (1985, A & M)

[insert eyeroll]

So that’s where nuance comes in and it’s not black and white. But this article is about those way further out to the extreme edges.

Beyonce, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, etc. — certainly these woman have the right to use their bodies to sell their records. But they need to chill about being feminists is all.

It really does come down to this: If you want to be a feminist,stop talking about being a feminist and let your art speak for itself. Refuse to prop it up on your tight, hot booty.

That’s what real feminists do.

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