• David Flowers

Wildwind Hires Staff

What a thrill it was for Wildwind this past Sunday to bring on our first full-time staff member, other than me. Brent Adams has been in ministry longer than I have and has had a broader exposure to various ministries. His wife, Linda, is a person of quiet strength, and his son and daughter are excited that he has decided to move back into the ministry.

Being a “boss” will be a new experience for me — one that I am looking forward to. I look forward to it mostly because I believe Brent is self-motivated and will not really require “management. ” I believe in his character and integrity, and in his desire to serve Wildwind to the best of his ability. So I now have a colleague — someone to share the load with, but also someone who will be able to expand Wildwind’s impact, ministry, and influence. Christy and I look forward to a long work relationship with Brent and Linda, but even more we anticipate a deepening friendship. Welcome aboard, Brent!

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